Expressions Through Color: Paintings: Other

Works by Sheryl Murphy-Manley

Flying Free
36 x 48
The large background image is representative of a powerful Creator who flies with us as we journey
through this life. I imagined that the upper right butterfly was me, leaving my earthly sojourn.

Flying Free, detail

Gold Bracelet
24 x 30
When I began planning this painting I was interested in creating a busy, colorful background behind a sheer fabric
that would semi-transparently cover the back figure of a woman. As the painting continued to emerge,
I was reminded of how often the deeper parts of our personalities as women are overlooked, in order to judge
us for our physical appearances instead. The gold bracelet represents the ornamentation with which
we are asked to adorn ourselves in society. The bracelet is visible, but her face is not.
The observer sees the jewelry, but is forced to ignore her face.

Into Rest
18 x 24

Set Free, detail

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